Complimentary Digital Program Booklet 

At TruDance , we are conscious of our environment and decided going GREEN.   Dancing Tru the Seasons program booklet is free for downloading and we encourage you to save a copy onto your device now as con-current download on the actual concert days will congest the 3G/ 4G network.  

Please note that there will be NO program booklet for sale on our 2 concert days.

Instructions to save programme booklet on your device: Password is available from your dance trainers.
1. iOS users
 a. Install ibooks app from the apple store
 b. Download the booklet from the link below.
 c. Tap on the top-right, to use on ibooks.
2. Android users
 a. Tab and hold to save to local storage.

Download Sites
Mirror Site 1:

For dropbox, click here to download 
Mirror Site 2:

Other download, click here

Tru'Dance… Expression thru' dance

Expression through dance is a spontaneous art that expresses different emotions at different points in one’s life. Loving dance is simple as the art of dancing comes from within. Express yourself through dance.

Discover the true meaning of dance through dance and be true to yourself. Experience and express the potential that is innate. Form a lasting relationship and have a companion for life through dance.

Tru’Dance, makes your dream come true.

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